There was something calling me
To a knowing
Ancient and pure, that my people knew
Whole and natural, sure and true

Journeyed and I found it there
He's a fine light
Filled with the power of all things well
Killing forever all fear of hell

Suddenly I saw your face
Beauty I'd fight for
Your heart like food
I can do anything loving you

Till all of these lies are swept away
And our virtue shines as day

And we are a people like before
Hear the children at the door
Hear our children at the door

My White Soul
(Anthem For The Men Of The West)
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Mr. Lee

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Oh, There's a power!
Bracing the continent,
Spanning the seas
Pharoah, this people
Shall be released!

Oh shining Purusha
Of my sighs!
Keep our children safe and nigh!

Allow us to show them holy things
Give them wisdom
And our wings

Let them hold all the holy things

We are a people White
Beautiful people bright
Men of the west unite!

You are a People, fight!

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