The Most Annoying Singers and Singing Voices
Topmost Annoying

Bob Dylan


It's the Tone:
Annoying Tone,Tone-That-Kills

Colin Meloy (sometimes sounds like a crying baby, other times like a pouting 4-year-old boy. Who needs that?), Bob Dylan, Dennis DeYoung (Styx), Billie Holiday, Bob Marley, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Van Morrison

Lots of Bad Notes, Often Off-Pitch

Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed

Nina Simone: WTF?                       SAMPLE

Sounds Drunk or Stoned

Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Norah Jones, The Pogues


Geddy Lee, Dennis DeYoung, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Collins, Peter Cetera, Mick Jagger, Van Morrison

Cry-Babies & Whiners
Colin Meloy, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Neal Young



Sarah McLachlan, Colin Meloy

Heavy Affectation
Falsity, insincere, vocal mannerisms, fake qualities, too much of vocal gimmicks & posturing, almost 100 percent stylistics

Bob Dylan, Beyonce, David Bowie, Stevie Nicks, Bjork, Mariah Carey

Forced, forced, forced

Steve Perry (Journey), Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins

Sneer Overload

Bob Dylan,Tom Petty


Billy Corgan (Smashed the Pumpkin)
The Sound of Strain

Van Morrison, Phil Collins, Peter Cetera, Van Morrison, Ian Hunter (Mott the Hoople)

Always pretending: Affectation King David Bowie shows off his new fake teeth

Harsh as Hell

John Fogerty, Melissa Etheridge, Dennis DeYoung, Michael Bolton, Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, 
Kristian Matsson ("Tallest Man On Earth")

Kristian Matsson: Voice so bad he uses pseudonym.

Forced > Burnt Out/ Screamers &  Bellowers -- Please stop!

Bruce Springsteen, Melissa Etheridge

Too Broken Up, No Voice Left, Toneless

Rob Stewart, Brian Adams, Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Tyler, Kristian Matsson

Lou Reed:
Anything for attention! Tried to distract us from voice by trying to be  pretty. 


David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Kim Carnes, Aaron Neville, Lou Reed, Neal Young, Kristian Matsson
Repetitive, Always Sounds Same

Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley etc., Ozzy Osbourne, Dennis DeYoung, Joey Ramone

Mouth-Breathers, Forcing Intimacy
Back off from that microphone! Please!

Sam Beam

"Look I'm Not Even Trying to Sing"

Bob Dylan
Sings like "I'm a stupid dolt"

Rick Okasek,The Pogues, Joey Ramone

"I'm imitating Bob Dylan"

Jimi Hendrix, Lou Reed, Ian Hunter,Tom Petty

Literally Can't Sing, Insulting All

Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits

Tom Waits: Looks like his voice. Notice similarity to Matsson. Could be connectionbetween bad lifestyle and bad voice?
Just Bizarre or Simply Absurd

Yoko Ono, Tom Waits, Joey Ramone

"I have contempt for the very idea of singing, contempt for my audience, and contempt for who I'm singing about, and I do music as a private joke to make fun of you"

Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Lou Reed

Wierd Sounding
Neal Young, Colin Meloy,
Kristian Matsson

Other Annoying
Mick Jagger (Bark! Bark! Bark!)

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